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over 5 years ago

VCM Management within a CSR and VCM Variables during migrations

Related to case SR Number:4472796

McLane Company has several VCM Subversion repositories available for selection during the CSR create process.   There are 2 repositories related to our company's EBS environment, one for the trunk and one for branches to allow parallel development.  

A couple if ideas:

1.)  Allow the STAT Admin to limit available VCM selections for developers that work on unrelated environments as well limiting access to the branch repository.  In other words,  developers who do not work on EBS don't need to see the EBS  subversion repositories.

2.)  McLane has a custom deployment process for the VCM file objects and it would be good to have the "SVN_REPOSITORY_PATH" parameter available during object migrations.  This would allow the ability to script logic for e-mail notifications of "branch" CSR migration activity.     In the McLane scenario, the EBS Architect wants to be notified when migrations to specific EBS instances are occurring from CSRs that are associated to a the EBS "Branch" repository versus the EBS "trunk" repository.

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