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UC Analytics (Version Best Report for an individual Mailbox statistics


I'm looking for a suitable report to measure below for a particular mailbox.  Is there one report that will accomplish this or do I have to run multiple reports?

If so, could you advise which reports and filters to use please.

how many emails came into a particular mailbox for a certain period

how many emails which were sent from this particular mailbox for a certain period

what was the response time was on emails that were sent to that mailbox?

Thank you.

  • Hi Catherine,

    #1 and #2 You may use Mailboxes / Mailbox Activity / Summary or Mailboxes / Mailbox Activity / Daily insight.
    #3 You may use Email - Response Time insight.

    Please also note that UCA 8.5 Hotfix 1 has been released. You may install the most updated version to get the latest features.