Unified Communications Analytics Version - Email Activity Report Message Summary Data


We wanted to measure Email activity '% Sent After Hours' and '% Received After Hours'

I've gone through the Admin Settings, Settings and cannot locate where I can set the Hours/Days to help us measure this.  Can someone direct me please?

Thank you,


  • Hi Catherine,

    The working hours setting is determined by the user's Outlook settings.

    If you wanted to gather the working hours setting from the user mailboxes, you need to create one Exchange Mailbox Contents data source.

    Then '% Sent After Hours' and '% Received After Hours' will be calculated for you.


  • Thank you again Victor.  So, I've checked and we have 'Work Hours' configured in our Outlook clients as per attached.

    Re the second part 'create one Exchange Mailbox Contents data source.'  I'm not sure if we have this covered or not.

    Is this configured in 'Admin' , 'Data Collection' , 'Exchange Mailbox Contents' , Under 'TARGETS' , 'Specify Exchange Mailboxes' ,?

     Exchange Mailbox contents collection

    We have a group configured in here, just a small sub set of mailboxes as a test.   Is this what you meant or am I in the wrong place?

    You assistance is much appreciated.  Thanks.  

  • Hi Catherine,

    Is "Localized send / receipt time of day" checked in the Exchange Mailbox Contents data source?

    Do all the members in the group have 'Work Hours' configured?

    If you check the job status, can you see any errors or warnings in Exchange Mailbox Contents collection?


  • Hi Victor, yes we do have the 'Localized send / receipt time of day" checked - attached screenshot

    Members of the group do have 'Work Hours' configured but some of them differ in times/days - do they all have to be the same?

    The Job status comes back with a couple of warnings now and again relating to one or two users' mailboxes only, but the rest complete - attached screenshot.

    Is there another log I should be checking or setting I need to enable?  Thanks Victor.

  • Hi Catherine,

    To ensure it gathers the work hours information correctly, I would like to check the data source logs (or the support bundle). If you are running 8.5.1, you should be able to see a download button in the job status page, on the right side of each row in the Jobs list.

    But I'm not sure it's the right place to upload the logs.

    Would you please raise a support request via https://support.quest.com/contact-support? Our support team will guide you there.


  • Thanks for your help on this Victor.  I will log a request now.  

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