Unified Communications Analytics -Daily Mailbox Activity report for 'All Users' not only Top Ten


I am trying to create a report showing Daily stats for number of Emails Received for All users, day by day numbers required. 

The Insight I've been working with is 'Mailboxes/Mailbox Activity/Daily' which is fine but is only showing the Top Ten.  I know it shows all users in the 'Mailbox Activity Details' but this when exported to csv it only shows totals.

Whereas the 'Mailbox Activity Received' exported to csv, does show a day by day result set, but only for the 'Top Ten'.  Would be great if could get same export only for All Users, day by day.

Any ideas on how to do this?  

Thank you,


  • Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for you feedback. We have heard from several customers who request the same feature. We will discuss with Product Management and see if we could include it into the next release/hotfix.

    In the meanwhile, I wanted to confirm your requirement. Here is a UI mockup I made to demonstrate. When one exports the tabular view or the insight, it will show all the result as shown in the UI. (In the screenshot, I just set the date range as Last 7 days.) Is that what you expect? Please let me know if you need anything else.