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7.6.4 failing all jobs

 I recently upgraded to 7.6.4 with no issues, but my backup jobs started failing as unable to connect to to repository due to a bad password.  I have ensure the Hyper-V host is connected correctly.  I have deleted and set up my repositories again with no issues.  But I still get the following error each time I try to back up.

Error: 2034 - FATAL cifs_cant_use_detail CIFS cannot connect to share \\\vRangerBackups (The specified network password is not correct.) [at cifs_mount:125]

I have tested though and I know the network password is correct.  The backups were working before I upgraded.  I added new repository folders, add new on-demand jobs and deleted and set up new jobs connected to the new repository locations

Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Hi Maureen,

    Can you help with some more information related to the issue?
    1. From which version of vRanger did you upgrade to 7.6.4?
    2. Did you upgrade the Hyper-V host agent post upgrading the vRanger server?

    Please open a support ticket for the issue so that we can assist you better.
  • Here is what fixed the issue
    Resolution 2:
    For Hyper-V hosts, go to the Repository's Storage GUI directly and Monitor logs or events that appear when a backup task is run.
    If you see vRanger's successful Log On but Hyper-V's Log On is refused.
    Proceed to vRanger's GUI | Inventory | Right click a host and Reinstall Agent.
    Afterwards run a backup from a VM residing on that Host and check if it is successful.