Windows reboot seems to've munged vRanger

I apologize, but I'm a total newbie to vRanger. We've been using it to backup one single Windows 2000 server; if we could do away with this server, we wouldn't need vRanger. I inherited this particular backup from a since-departed IT person, and I have absolutely 0 experience with vRanger.

Recently the server where vRanger is installed was patched / rebooted. Since then, the lone scheduled backup job has not been running. I've managed to find that scheduled job in the vRanger "console" (for lack of a better word?), but when I try to Run it manually, the job fails, with this:

No action was taken because there was no task created. The most likely cause of this issue is due to changes in the VirtualCenter Infrastructure (i.e., removing and re-adding an inventory item from the VirtualCenter or Host will cause ID mismatches). Please refresh inventory and re-create the job.


I've tried refreshing the inventory, but that hasn't made any difference. The job that I'm trying to run is this:

Name: Backup EGBAXPWS4     Type: Backup    Source: EGBAXPWS4    Destination: Local Backup Folder    Enabled: True    Next Run: 2/10/2019

I'm also new to vmWare, so I don't know if it's significant or not... but I don't see EGBAXPWS4 in the inventory.

One last item, to add to all this: I can only bring up the vRanger console by starting whatever service vRanger needs in this fashion: D:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\vRanger\Service>Vizioncore.vRanger.Service
.exe DEBUG... So perhaps there's also a service that should have started up on the reboot but didn't?

Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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