vRanger error 2712 - cant create the directory

Hello, Backups for VMs (esx 4.1) were running fine for months, no changes, vRanger 6.0. All of a sudden last night half of them stopped running with the following error: Error Message: 2712 - can't create the directory cifs. I checked and confirmed permissions are OK, rebooted vRanger server and the Netgear ReadyNas they backup to, and the job still fails with the same error. Any ideas? I looked at the dell support page and none of those 3 solutions seem to be my issue.

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  • Hello, 

    What's the complete error message you get? The error messages are shown with an error code, the generic message, and a specific reason in parentheses. 

    1. Can you access the share from the vRanger server and are you able to write to the share? 
    2. How did you set up your repository? Is it using FQDN? Is it resolving to the right host?
    3. If you are using vRanger VA's, can you edit the backup job and select Custom Transport method -> On this vRanger machine, LAN mode only to test the backups and isolate the issue?