I nearly made a big mistake

I had not picked up my quest since December and with the prices on eBay I was planning on selling it. So, I checked it worked and then decided to try side quest Glad I did, there is some really good stuff on there and I also loaded quake 2 and half life. Suddenly I was playing some excellent games and I then got eleven with an oculus voucher ( perfect timing from them). Side quest also has games in development and there is an ice hockey game that shows real promise. I am really going to enjoy seeing how it develops over the coming months.

So now I have enough really good games that are my type of game. They are: https://9apps.ooo/

Thrill of the fight Eleven Half life Quake 2 and quake Crisis vrigade Pavlov Trying to get hyper dash and contractors going Pistol whip Swords of Gargantua

 About to pull the trigger on Lies Beneath.  https://solitaire.onl/https://solitaire.onl/

My library did have lots of games that I liked but not enough to hold my interest long term eg gun club and drop dead. They are now excellent fillers, 20 minute games.

So, I guess my point is, if you are finding buyers remorse or you just don’t touch it any more. Look into side loading, it is a fascinating world with some very clever people out there.

I am now not selling my quest.