++ Hyper-V Cluster VM backup up - No matching VSS components found for virtual machines ++


we are running a two host based 2012 R2 hyper-v cluster. vRanger (7.8.0) was running for years now.
For some days we cannot backup the virtual maschines anymore. It reults in "No matching VSS components found for virtual machines."
I reinstalled the vRanger agent on the hosts, checked vss writer errors and if service is running (host, backup server and vm), removed mounted integration discs, removed maschines with old integration services from backup and restarted the servers. Current IS is 6.3.9600.19456.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards

Edit 2020/04/28: Last night the backup ran successfully. 

  • Hello Jens, 

    I would check if vRanger can actually see the Hyper-v VM inventory. Refresh the Hyper-V inventory and then try to create a new backup job to see if it can retrieve the disks of the VM's you select. In addition, is the Hyper-V VM management service up and running without any issues? 

    You can also check the VSS writers status, just to confirm that everything is working fine VSS-wise:

    • vssadmin list writers
    • vssadmin list providers