• Netzwerk Performance Problem with Virtual Appliance

    Hi, we have network performance problems with the VA's in version v7.8.1.8 and v7.8.2.9.

    Backup tasks via Windows Server 2019 VM run twice as fast as via the Linux VA's from Quest.
    The difference in performance can be seen very clearly in the data…

  • Virtual Appliance Configuration freezes whole Client. (vRanger 7.6.4) Is there a solution?

    Hello Quest, hello Community,

    using vRanger 7.6.4 a fews month for now we had noch problems until now.

    Last week i recognized i can't edit/configure VAs in the options menu.

    Every time i try to open the configuration the complete client freezes.

  • vRanger Top 5 Knowledge Base Articles - January 2017

    Here you can find the Knowledge Articles that have been trending. Following are the last month’s Top Knowledge Base Articles:
    1. Backup fails with "Error Message: 2250 - VIX connection error"
    2. Backup failed: Error: 2760 - FATAL vix_cant_open_detail…