Netzwerk Performance Problem with Virtual Appliance

Hi, we have network performance problems with the VA's in version v7.8.1.8 and v7.8.2.9.

Backup tasks via Windows Server 2019 VM run twice as fast as via the Linux VA's from Quest.
The difference in performance can be seen very clearly in the data transfer in MB / s during a running task.

Full backup time with the Windows server VM: 3h (500GB read and 412 saved)
Full backup time with the Quest Linux VA's: 6h (500GB read and 412 saved)

The network interface for both machines is the 10GB / s NIC and storage. And the target is also connected with 10GB / s NIC.

I would be very happy to receive some ideas.

  • Hello, 

    Just in order to clarify, you have this issue with the 7.8.1 and the 7.8.2 virtual appliance? We did confirm an issue with the VA on 7.8.1 that was yielding 30-50% less speed than previous versions when using CIFS. We upgraded the packages within the VA on the 7.8.2, so if you upgrade the 7.8.1 virtual appliance, the new VA that gets created would have the fix. 

    What's the current CPU/RAM configuration on the virtual appliance? 4 CPU / 4GB RAM is the best configuration for two concurrent tasks.