• Error: Cancel detected; exiting task. (150) after backup is completed.

    We have a scheduled job, to create a differencial backup job into a physical server, but whe the backup is completed, in th log shows: Cancel detected; exiting task. (150) an the job aborted de task.

    Can anyone help us?

  • After the backup is completed, the virtual machine snapshot will not be automatically deleted

    The snapshot of the virtual machine will be deleted when the backup is started, and then a new snapshot will be created, and the new snapshot will not be deleted

  • vRanger backup causes resync of replication on Hyper-V


    every backup of vRanger causes a resync of all virtual machines on our Windows Server 2019 Hyper-V.

    Backup also causes event id 33812, 16010 and 32326

    A similar installation at W2012 R2 environment works perfect.

  • Occasionally Get 'Cannot Connect to Repository Error'

    From time to time, we receive an error when we try to add or update a repository that states: "Failed to connect to repository.Please verify your credentials (if applicable), and ensure the directory path is correct."

    For existing repositories…

  • Netzwerk Performance Problem with Virtual Appliance

    Hi, we have network performance problems with the VA's in version v7.8.1.8 and v7.8.2.9.

    Backup tasks via Windows Server 2019 VM run twice as fast as via the Linux VA's from Quest.
    The difference in performance can be seen very clearly in the data…

  • Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.


    We're seeing a large number of Hyper-V VMs have backup failures with the following error:

    Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.

    The Windows event logs aren't giving me any information about this error. It looks…

  • ++ vRanger not enough disc space - adjust file scan++


    we are saving in vRanger to a repository/volme with 2.8TB of free space. Unfortunately a job failes with the message seen below.
    It is about a volume of a server with a capacity of 3.6TB but it is no data on it. How can I setup vRanger to…

  • VRANGER - Total backup size with vRanger Report

    it is possible to have a report indicating the amount of space used by vRanger backups and maybe even the growth of space over time

    I thank
  • Quest vRanger compatibility with Windows 2019

    Hello all,

    Is Quest vRanger possible to install on Microsoft Windows 2019? Is supported?

    Thanks for response.

  • How to properly create backup for Microsoft SQL Database?


    I have question about Quest vRanger. How is possible create proper backup for Microsoft SQL Database server? I mean transaction logs, .... Thanks.


  • vRanger v7.6.5.0 Machine-based VDDK SAN backup fails over to LAN back when trying to backup from VMFS6 datastores


    After moving some VMs from VMFS5 to VMFS6 datastores, the VMs can no longer be backed up over Fibre Channel and fail-over to LAN based backup. I am running the latest version vRanger v7.6.5.0 and a fully patched versions of vCenter and ESXi 6.5. I…

  • Installing vRanger API / Powershell cmdlets

    Hi everyone.

    I want to install the vRanger Powershell cmdlets on another device so I do not have to run them locally on the server. I have been playing with adding psnapins and registering the powershell.dll file but I can't seem to get it up and running…

  • Customise VRanger Email Reports

    Hi everyone.

    Is there anyway to modify the default email report which VRange sends? I would like to make some changes to a few parts of it but most importantly to the subject. The main reason I am asking is we have a Office 365 Group which we track all…

  • ESXi 6.7 Compatibility for vRanger

    Hey Quest!


    How soon (or not) should we expect ESXi 6.7 compatibility with vRanger?   Do you guys have an ETA on when to expect a formal announcement? 



  • File-Level Restore of over 60k files in 1 folder - slow performance

    Hey all.

    I have an instance where I need to recovery about 120,000 1k-5k files between 2 folders (doing 1 folder at a time), but the restore process is taking an extraordinary amount of time.   I'm seeing a 1k file process in about 5-10 seconds with 2 of…

  • 7.6.3. Backup causes event id 33812, 16010 and 32326.

    2 x Windows Server 2016, both same problem.

  • Why causes vRanger backup a resync of replication on Hyper-V?


    every backup of vRanger causes a resync on our Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V.

    A similar installation at a W2012 R2 environment works perfect.

  • Possible to increase tasks running off a LUN to more than 5?

    Hello, does anyone know if it is at all possible to increase the number of tasks that run per LUN to a number higher than 5? The reason I ask is because we have a very large Nutanix environment that we back up, and it acts all as one LUN/Datastore so…

  • Anybody updated to vRanger 7.6.3? Could you start Client then?

    Hey Community,

    today we tried to Update vRanger from 7.5.1 to 7.6.3. The update process was done without any failure.
    After finishing we tried to start the client shell. We got only the message that the connection to the service is not possible.

    But all…

  • How to rerun failed task in a job with powershell?

    Is it possible to rerun failed tasks or all failed tasks within a job with powershell instead of clicking in the gui?



  • Error : 2319 - RETRY timedout operation timed out [at timeout_thread:470]

    After upgrading to 7.6 from 7.5.1 backup work but replication fails at all time with all VMs.

    Error : 2319 - RETRY timedout operation timed out [at timeout_thread:470]

    What i noticed so far is the snapshot occured on the selected VM and his replicate…

  • vRanger - Backup Problem

    Hello Forum,

    I have a problem with the backup of an VM.

    VRanger running on an physical Windows Server 2012 R2.

    Virtual Software = VMware 5.5

    VM1 = Windows Server 2008 R2 German incl. MS SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

    VM2 = Windows Server 2012 R2 English…

  • Support for vCenter Server Appliance with vRanger 7.6

     Hi There

    Will the new version of vRanger support the VMware VCSA 6.5?



  • How to get a list of VMs of a scheduled job?


    is there a possibility (using GUI or PowerShell) to export a list of all the VMs of a scheduled job? The User Guide does not seem to provide a solution for this.

    Alternatively, could this information extracted from one of vRanger's config files manually…

  • vRanger Top 5 Knowledge Base Articles - January 2017

    Here you can find the Knowledge Articles that have been trending. Following are the last month’s Top Knowledge Base Articles:
    1. Backup fails with "Error Message: 2250 - VIX connection error"
    2. Backup failed: Error: 2760 - FATAL vix_cant_open_detail…