After the backup is completed, the virtual machine snapshot will not be automatically deleted

The snapshot of the virtual machine will be deleted when the backup is started, and then a new snapshot will be created, and the new snapshot will not be deleted

  • Hello Xue, 

    If this is related to lingering vRanger snapshots after the backup has completed, can you please check the following?

    • vCenter or any SSO service shouldn't be backed up while we're backing up production VM's. In this case, please create a backup for vCenter to run at a complete different time
    • If a domain account is used, perform a backup of the domain servers in a different job. 
    • Try using a vsphere.local account for the backups to see if this improves the behavior. 

    Does this happen for all the virtual machines in your environment? Usually, we get few VM's when vCenter is backed up in the same backup job as the other VM's affected. This is due to the fact, creating or removal of snapshots may stun the VM for several seconds.