++ vRanger not enough disc space - adjust file scan++


we are saving in vRanger to a repository/volme with 2.8TB of free space. Unfortunately a job failes with the message seen below.
It is about a volume of a server with a capacity of 3.6TB but it is no data on it. How can I setup vRanger to check the current amount of data to back up?
In this case this would be 0 and the job would run.



Fehler: Das Repository enthält nicht genügend freien Speicherplatz. (5725186048 KB erforderlich, 3037197884 KB frei)

  • Hello JD168, 

    Just uncheck the option "Check for free space". That option basically checks the total size of the VM and tries to find out if it can save the whole VM without compression on the repository. In this case, it would suit you better just to use compress and the ABM option to reduce the size of the backup. It would be recommended to check the full backup size after it completes to ensure the current repository size is enough for your daily backups. 

    Remember that, at some point, your repository will need to have enough space to handle two full backups before the retention kicks in.