Occasionally Get 'Cannot Connect to Repository Error'

From time to time, we receive an error when we try to add or update a repository that states: "Failed to connect to repository.Please verify your credentials (if applicable), and ensure the directory path is correct."

For existing repositories, we don't make any changes to the permissions or firewall and all connected repositories are coming from the same (Windows) server.

For new repositories, we can confirm even with the most lax permissions we are receiving the error above.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  • Hello Alex, 

    This message is kind of misleading most of the times. How have you added the repositories? Are they using FQDN or IP address? You also mentioned the repositories are on the same server (I just want to confirm), are these repositories in a different server in the same location?

    Whenever we get this message it can be temporary network issues, DNS intermittent issues, or failures to read the global manifest.  Is this using CIFS/NFS? And do you have an antivirus installed? Sometimes, some specific AV's can randomly block the touch.exe process that vRanger executes in order to read that global manifest.