Erwin window not displaying correctly

Hi, my Erwin is behaving differently. I do not see Attributes listed when I select 'Attributes Properties'.

I only see empty space in attributes place.

we are using Workgroup edition 2020 R2 SP1 edition on Windows 10.

I tried this below solution but still no luck.

and also tried to change Windows display settings, still no luck.

any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

  • This is only happening for Snowflake target db.

    If I switch/choose different db, no issues.

  • Solution:

    The name is truncated due to a limitation with Windows. The Windows API returns the legacy user name that is limited to 20 characters. If the length of a user name exceeds 20 characters, for example, "US\Magdalena.Chalamalasetti", the name is displayed as "US\Magdalena.Chalamas" in the Connect to Mart dialog.

    You can resolve this in one of the following ways:

    Type the first 20 characters of the user name when you add the user as a Windows User, in the Mart Administrator. For example, instead of typing "US\Magdalena.Chalamalasetti", type "US\Magdalena.Chalamalas".
    Use a Windows Group instead of the user's domain name. Using your Windows domain controller software, add the user to a Windows Group, and then add the group as a User Group in the Mart Administrator.


    Rachel Gomez

  • Hey there,

    Sorry to hear about the missing attributes in Erwin! It sounds frustrating.

    Here are a couple of things to try that might help:

    1. Refresh the Model: Sometimes a simple refresh can fix display glitches. Try right-clicking on the model diagram and selecting "Refresh."

    2. Check Filter Settings: It's possible a filter is unintentionally hiding attributes. Go to "View" > "Filters" and ensure no filters are applied that might exclude attributes.

    3. Rebuild Indexes: Corrupted indexes might be causing the issue. Try rebuilding the model's indexes by going to "Model" > "Rebuild Indexes."

    If none of those work, it might be a deeper issue. You can try:

    1. Repair the Erwin Installation: This can fix minor software glitches. Check the Erwin documentation for instructions specific to your version. (