How to call PL/SQL code from APEX SQL scripts?

I'm building an application in Oracle APEX and need some help implementing program logic and business rules that require more complexity than just declarative SQL.

Specifically, I have situations where I need to implement things like:

  • Loops to process datasets row-by-row
  • Conditional logic to make decisions
  • Complex calculations and data manipulation

I know that I can write PL/SQL procedures, functions and packages to handle this more procedural programming approach. However, I'm not clear on the best practices for invoking this PL/SQL code from my APEX application's SQL scripts.

What is the standard way to call a PL/SQL procedure from APEX SQL and pass data in and out? I assume I need to use bind variables?

Additionally, what are some things I need to watch out for when mixing procedural and declarative code like this? Are there any pitfalls or limitations?

Any examples would be very helpful to illustrate how to properly execute procedural logic from my APEX SQL scripts. This will help me organize my application better by separating concerns between presentation and business logic.

Additionally, this is the website ブルーロック where I am trying to put..

Thanks in advance for your advice! I'm new to integrating PL/SQL and APEX so any guidance is appreciated.

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