recover archived mails and attachments


I hope someone can assist me with this problem. 

In the past our IT guys used Metalogix archive manager to archive certain mail attachments to an SQL server. 
We had a big problem with space on our mailserver, and they solved it accordingly. 

At that time we had an Exchange 2010 on site. 

In the meantime we migrated to O365.

Unfortunately the team that migrated to O365 was informed about the archiving situation.
Thus they did not migrate the archive software accordingly.   

This means that we currently have a situation where the archive manager cannot restore anything anymore, as the on site exchange has already been decommissioned.
We would like to uninstall the archiving software completely, but without losing all the attachments that are archived in the sql server. 
What is the best way of achieving this? 

All help is appreciated ! 

Kind regards,