• 23 Mar 2018

    Do you really need IT Asset Management ?

    Do you as an IT professional know what is on your network? Do you have an IT asset management plan in place? Maybe you have a spreadsheet or database with a list of hardware or software that you know about. What about those things you do not know about? Those things you do not know about can be putting your company at risk. A good IT asset management plan will facilitate key enterprise needs such as, hardware and software...
    • 22 Mar 2018

    Episode 5: The Co-Loc Strikes Back

    It is a dark time for IT pros. With corruption, data loss and ransomware attacking networks across the galaxy, disaster recovery (DR) is more important than ever. Fortunately, a group of freedom fighters, led by the two heroes in our Two Techs on a Quest podcast, have established some solid disaster recovery guidelines. In this episode, we discuss replication, give an introduction to cloud providers, and provide a holistic...
    • 22 Mar 2018

    KACE Systems Management Appliance Wins Silver

    Quest KACE won the Silver Award in the Endpoint Security category for Info Security’s 2018 Products Guide which recognizes leading cybersecurity and IT vendors with advanced products, solutions and services.
    • 22 Mar 2018

    How to defend against PowerShell cyberattacks with InTrust automated response actions

    We just released a new three-minute video that shows how you can monitor, detect and mitigate attacks happening using PowerShell commands. PowerShell became very popular among penetration testers and hackers recently. Why I know this? Because it's in the latest FBI report on recent attack on US Infrastructure networks by a state-sponsored hackers group. Here is what they absolutely recommend to be able to detect...
    • 21 Mar 2018

    IT Telepathy: Predicting Database Migration Trends

    By reviewing the results of a recent DBTA survey, we can see what you and other DBAs dealt with last year – and what’s coming your way soon.
    • 20 Mar 2018

    Take a Proactive Stand to Business Continuity

    Optimize your IT environment. Protect your critical IT resources and data for ongoing business continuity under any circumstances.
    • 19 Mar 2018

    Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) — Take the Cat Herding Out Of It

    Learn how Unified Endpoint Management provides a complete view of multi-platform endpoint environments from a single solution.
    • 19 Mar 2018

    Spotlight SQL Server Error Log Reader

    The task of reviewing, filtering, and organizing SQL Server error logs can be a very time consuming one for a DBA. More importantly, business requirements might necessitate this scrutiny to be done very frequently on each working server in order to monitor, facilitate troubleshooting, and identify any potential problems. Not to worry, Spotlight 12.2 is here to help! Spotlight 12.2 includes an enhanced version of the...
    • 19 Mar 2018

    NEW! to the Quest SaaS portfolio - On Demand Migration - for Office 365 tenant to tenant migration

    On Demand Migration (ODM) enables Office 365 tenant to tenant migration of directories, messaging and shared data while maintaining coexistence and collaboration, as well as dynamic project management.
    • 12 Mar 2018

    Predictive Business Continuity, Part 1: Infrastructure Optimization and a 1969 Pontiac GTO

    Most of what I first learned about disaster recovery and business continuity came from my first car: a 1969 Pontiac GTO that my grandmother helped me buy with a few extra bucks. “Are you taking as good care of that car as I would if it were mine?” she would ask. “Oh, yeah, sure, Grandma. It runs great and I always drive it carefully.” (Fingers crossed behind my back...) “I hope so....
    • 9 Mar 2018

    Quest Teams Come Together to Celebrate the Chinese New Year

    Back in February, Quest team members across the APJ region came together to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Our China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia offices all hosted celebrations. It was a wonderful opportunity for Quest team members to get together and celebrate this holiday while enjoying the company and comradery of their colleagues. Please enjoy a sampling of photos from these fun celebrations, and Happy New...
    • 8 Mar 2018

    Database Down!

    There are so many things you never want to hear in life: “Sorry, this stall’s out of TP, too.” “Whoops! We thought you were dead.” “What do you mean, you ate that? Are you insane ?!” But few things are worse than the dreaded: “Database down.” “Your database is offline.” “The database crashed.” Stress level: Liam Neeson...