• 16 May 2017

    Critical Notification, WannaCry Virus KACE Systems Management Appliance

    The WannaCry ransomware patching is causing some SMA (K1000) customers to report a problem with locating the patch for the WannaCry ransomware virus. New Webcast: “ The Next Massive Ransomware Attack ”. Learn vital strategies that will help your network avert the next ransomware attack. How does this affect the environment ? The following Patch, MS17-010, is not found in the Patch Catalog or found in...
    • 13 Apr 2017

    5 Ways to Stay on Top of Inventory

    Or, what do I have and how do I keep track of it. The old adage of do more with less , is certainly true today for the IT admin as it ever was. Not only are there software compliance audits, but also hardware audits. While most of our hardware as an IT admin will have an IP address what about those hardware assets that do not? As a KACE Engineer and a KACE Systems Management Appliance specialist, I have spoken with...
    • 6 Apr 2017

    Are We There Yet?

    Anyone taking a long road trip with kids in the back seat will have undoubtedly heard that question before. Anyone on a long, never-ending trip may have thought or said the same thing. Securing your infrastructure is in many ways like a very long ro...
    • 23 Mar 2017

    What's new in Desktop Authority 10

    New features in Desktop Authority 10.0: Added support for SQL Server 2016 Added support for Microsoft Outlook 2016 Added support for Microsoft Office 2016 Added Off-Network Support (ONS) - allows all domain joined machines to continue receiving new configuration settings, even while disconnected from the corporate network, as long as there is an active internet connection. Please see the Setup and configuration...
    • 21 Dec 2016

    Unfortunate Provisioning Scenarios

    Imagine it's your first day at a new company. Whether it's your first job out of college or a new company to show off your talent, there are certain expectations you have. You'll likely spend the first couple of days getting to know your...
    • 3 Dec 2016

    Importance of Securing All Software Vulnerabilities

    Technology advances at a seemingly exponential rate. With these advances in everything from operating systems to applications to Internet of Things, software vulnerabilities also increase. We are constantly introducing more and more electronic devices with more and more vulnerabilities into our daily lives: both at home and in the office. While many systems are running some form of AntiVirus software, malware still impacts...
    • 18 Nov 2016

    KACE Custom Inventory Rules – Getting the most out of your inventory.

    One of the first items KACE administrators look at during the initial setup is Inventory. Everyone wants to see the details on what they have on their network and run reports to start managing the lifecycle of their devices, software, licenses, patching, etc… This is a great place to start, seeing the data pulled in from the KACE agent, and KACE agentless technology, gives administrators visibility to make decisions...
    • 17 Nov 2016

    Quest: Reduce your IT administration

    Our journey towards innovation aimed at reducing IT administration continues. We’ll deliver solutions that ensure that productivity, simplicity and value are synonymous, not exclusive. We'll help you manage and protect your data, take control of your Microsoft environment, keep track of every network-connected device, and provide appropriate user access across various platforms. This is who we are and how...
    • 7 Nov 2016

    5 Easy Steps to Change Management Support with the K1000 Service Desk

    Customers utilize change management support by creating a specific queue for “Change Requests”. There are many advantages to doing it this way; for instance…
    • 27 Oct 2016

    What’s New for Desktop Authority – October 2016

    This monthly publication will provide new and updated information regarding the products that we offer and organized in the following categories: product notifications, new knowledgebase articles, product life cycle, services, training, trending videos, awards, and testimonials. New Knowledgebase Articles 213469 - Amazon Web Service is not accessible The Amazon Web Service (AWS) is not accessible The information...
    • 24 Oct 2016

    5 Step Guide to Ensure a Successful IT Imaging Deployment

    5 Step Guide: We don’t outline what you have to do, but rather the things you need to think about to have successful image deployments in any IT environment.
    • 18 Oct 2016

    Desktop Authority 10.0 has finally been released! So, What's New?

    A major release of Desktop Authority has been a long time coming. Here are just some of the exciting new features and enhancements included in the latest version: Off-Network support for domain joined machines The new Off-Network Support (ONS) feature allows all supported domain joined machines (desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.) to continue receiving new configuration updates, even while disconnected from the corporate...
    • 17 Oct 2016

    4 Reasons Why You Should Attend a KACE Backyard Boot Kamp

    Are you ready to learn?! Sir, YES SIR! Howdy, y’all! Ron Colson here from the KACE training team. I’ve been running the KACE Backyard Boot Kamps (also known as BBK) for a few years now with my awesome colleague Andrew Lubchansky and le...
    • 13 Oct 2016

    Why I Hate My KACE Appliance- JK!

    So long, sneaker net! As our marketing team gathered to talk about a “Throwback Thursday” post to our Endpoint Systems Management community (we all love those entries, don’t we?), it sparked a couple of immediate thoughts in my b...
    • 13 Oct 2016

    How to Write Simple, Scalable HTML Powershell Graphic User Interfaces for managing Rapid Recovery (1 of 3)

    Part two of this series may be found here . Part three of this series may be found here . Over the years I have written hundreds of PowerShell scripts for RapidRecovery/AppAssure Management and Automation. One of the constant requests I have heard from customers was to embed some kind of GUI in the scripts that were NOT supposed to be run on a regular basis using the same parameter values over and over again (in...
    • 6 Oct 2016

    If KACE Were a Car, What Model Would it Be?

    During the weekend, I sit on my sofa relaxing, watching one of my favorite events – NASCAR ! You may be surprised to know that this racing series is one of the most popular events in the world; generating $3.1 billion annually and a following o...
    • 13 Sep 2016

    Coming soon… A new Quest

    Thank you for taking a minute to read this short post. I know your time is valuable , so if you want to skip the text and just watch the video , go for it. Still reading? Cool. As you should know by now, Francisco Partners and Elliott Management have announced an intent to acquire the Quest Group. In the coming months, we’ll be starting a new chapter and launching a new company known as Quest. Our plan is...
    • 16 Aug 2016

    Delta Stumbles – What IT lessons should we all learn?

    Let me start with this – I am not “piling on.” This kind of outage could happen to anyone. I remember when I first heard that Delta had to cancel many flights over the last few days, I assumed that their systems had been hacked. I ...
    • 4 Aug 2016

    Deadlines, Deadlines: How the Feds Upped the Ante with FITARA Compliance

    Read how the federal mandate for government IT needs to comply with FITARA, Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act, in 2016.
    • 3 Aug 2016

    What’s New for Desktop Authority: June-July 2016

    Updated monthly, this publication provides you with new and recently revised information and is organized in the following categories; Documentation, Notifications, Patches, Product Life Cycle, Release, Knowledge Base Articles. Subscribe Use IE only New Knowledgebase Articles 208444 - Continually rebooting after upgrading to Windows 10 208082 - Prevent Windows from Automatically Assigning a Drive Letter Prevents...
    • 25 Jul 2016

    Systems Administrators: the Unsung Heroes

    Systems administrators get one day of recognition a year for all the hard work they do for their organization. They ensure our network and systems are secure and working so employees are able to get their own work done. Sysadmins are the unsung hero...
    • 13 Jul 2016

    Isn’t it time to expect more from IT management?

    It’s crazy - technology and business are moving faster than ever and you’re sprinting just to keep up. Meanwhile, your workday is wasted on tons of repetitive, day-to-day tasks. That’s why we hosted a Virtual Tradeshow . The ba...
    • 27 Jun 2016

    Hardware is Now a Powerful Weapon in the Battle Against Malware

    It’s no secret that cyberattacks are on the rise, putting enterprises of all sizes at risk. Organizations are working hard to defend themselves; according to Gartner, Inc ., worldwide spending on information security will reach $75 bi...
    • 21 Jun 2016

    The Fuzzy Art of Solution Evaluation: 8 Broader Questions for Choosing the Right Solution and Vendor

    A couple of weeks ago, I offered seven key questions for building a solid evaluation methodology to help you as you embark on any journey to select new technologies, whether you’re looking for information systems management software , endpoint security
    • 9 Jun 2016

    How Device Proliferation Impacts Endpoint Systems Management for Your Growing Organization

    Growing organizations have an increasing number of connected devices on their network, and IT teams are spending more time managing and securing these devices, and the applications they deliver. Device proliferation is a growing trend for which IT professionals