ChangeBASE 5.2.1 Hotfix #246567


This hotfix should only be applied if you are experiencing one of the situations described in the section titled, "Determining if This Version Is Needed".



Determining if this hotfix is needed

This section describes the issues addressed by this hotfix. This hotfix should only be applied if you are experiencing one of the following situations:

You are virtualizing packages that contain external CAB files


You wish to virtualize .EXE files to an App-V platform


You are virtualizing packages using XP SP3 for virtualization


You are viewing the Top 5 Issues in Dashboard and encounter an IIS error


You refer to the User Guide contained in the local ChangeBASE folder and information is missing, inaccurate or unclear.



Resolved issues


Feature Resolved Issue Defect ID
Virtualization Virtualizing a package which contains CAB files failed if you did not use the manual configuration feature. This was because "Copy all source media" (CAB files etc.) was turned off by default. This hotfix changes the default setting to "Copy all Source Media", so that virtualization with CAB files now completes successfully. TF# 246567
Virtualization Virtualization of .EXE files was not supported where the target platform was App-V. This hotfix enables that support. TF# 225292
Virtualization When using XP SP3 for virtualization, the VM could not be shut down or re-started. This is now fixed. TF# 245392
Dashboard The issue applied to Dashboard, if the same package was loaded into a single database from two different folder locations. When the Top 5 Issues were viewed in Dashboard, an IIS error was displayed. This is corrected by this hotfix. TF# 246573
Dashboard Dashboard was displaying incorrect counts of incompatible applications in the Best Way Forward charts. This is corrected by this hotfix. TF# 246432
User Guide The 5.2 User Guide contained a number of omissions and inaccuracies. These have been corrected and this hotfix will place a revised User Guide in the local folder. TF# 246676
CAS Next Steps For issues identified during CAS compatibility checking, additional documentation is provided by this hotfix. For each issue, this documentation contains a description and suggested next steps. Documentation is in the form of Microsoft Word files and is stored in the Next Steps folder. TF# 225626




Files updated

The following is a list of files updated in this hotfix/patch.

File Name File Version After Update File Size After Update (in bytes)



























Compatibility of This Hotfix

The following is a list of product versions and platforms compatible with this hotfix/patch.

Product Name Product Version Platform
Quest® WorkspaceTM ChangeBASE 5.2.0 All


Installing This Hotfix

To install this hotfix:


1. Please download the ChangeBASE Hotfix (Hotfix for solution SOL102996 by Clicking Here

2. To install, double click the .msp file


Determining if this hotfix is installed

To determine if this hotfix is installed:

1. Go the Help/About screen. Examine the details of the Workbench component. This will show Version 5.2.0 with an Internal Build Number of 9 if this hotfix has successfully installed. On the same screen, the main ChangeBASE version number in the lower left will show Version 5.2.1. The main GUI will show 5.2.1 in the lower right of the screen.

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