Hurry limited-time offer!

That’s right for a limited-time only, 60 days as that’s all my boss would agree to ;-), I am willing not to write another blog if I get enough responses to the following question. What type of offer would make you attend a webinar about an enterprise software solution that you had previously expressed interest in:

A. A. Special discounted pricing

B. B. A giveaway valued at $100 - $200 given out live at the end of the session

C. C. A giveaway valued at $5 - $10 for every attendee

D. D. None, I don’t attend a webinar based on the offer, only on the content

You can respond easily by just leaving a comment with your answer. As with every limited-time offer there are some qualifications, I have to get at least 25 responses and he’s only giving me to the end of the week to get enough responses. So please help a girl out and vote early and often!

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