Network Management and Pizza - How 40 Minutes Can Change Your Life...

Well... change the way you manage your network... which can actually change your life. last week, I arranged to have a pepperoni pizza delivered to a Network Admin friend of mine that works for a local insurance agency. I asked him to sit back, relax and watch a 40 minute demo video on the features and functionality of Foglight Network Management System. I encouraged him to think about the daily issues he faces and consider how NMS might make things easier for him. I know he had an interest in the product but I didn't get the sense that he was actually visualizing the day-one value that I'd described. He called me later to thank me for sending him the video (and the pizza) and excitedly told me "You know, this is exactly what I've been looking for! I can totally see how this would give me the visibility I need to deliver top notch IT service to our employees. It seems more and more that the end users rule my world and I need to make sure they get access to systems and applications that they need... when they need it. I can't afford to find out that something is wrong after the fact, I need to know beforehand so they never know there was even a problem." He was even more excited when I told him he could get NMS for free to manage up to 100 devices. Imagine that... free pizza and a free Network Management tool all in one day!


So... although I can't promise you a pizza... I can share the video with you... - The standard training demo created by our own Bryan Forrester, Director of Sales, Foglight NMS


Sit back... relax... and get ready for change...


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Senior Product Marketing Manager for Database Performance Monitoring products.