Soft Costs huh? Tell me more ...

So, in my last blog I talked about Soft Costs and our ability to easily ignore and become accustomed to them. What I neglected to mention are some of the various ways Stat can help to minimize and in many cases eliminate soft costs altogether. Let's review some examples shall we? Yes Fern, let's shall ... First, consider deployments or migrations of objects in either the Oracle E-Business Suite or PeopleSoft. Deployments, if it's even possible (in many cases objects have to be literally reconstructed in the target environment), can be painful and time consuming. Consider migrations in Oracle E-Biz. In many cases, the migrations of objects can be a very manual and painful process with various scripts and manual execution of utilities to accomplish the migration. That's just the migration. What about the audit trail one has to create to prove, at some point to an auditor, what was migrated to production? That too can become a very painful, manual, and error prone process. Now, consider for a moment if you could automate the "whole", yes I said "whole", process? Think of it! You take a group of objects, AOL, Flex Fields, Forms Personalizations, OAF files, PL/SQL objects and the list can go on and on and merely drag and drop that group from one environment to the next. Let's say it's 6000 objects (I stole that - thanks Cat_Fish) and let's say you want to do it while you're enjoying last night's leftovers and you want the audit trail of what you just did created for you with no errors during the migration AND in an automated audit trail that is accurate! You're thinking, "nice concept, but you really need to cut down on the drinking Fern". Well, I'm not drinking, well not while I'm blogging at least and I'm not writing the next Pixar fantasy flick either. I'm talking about a real life scenario that has actually happened. With Stat, it's possible to accomplish this feat. Think of it, a task that would normally take 2-3 very skilled individuals 2-3 days to accomplish, completed in the time it takes you to eat last night's meatloaf and update your Facebook page cause, well, you wouldn't do that during working hours right?

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Fernando Volonte
Stat for PeopleSoft and EBS PM, part time softball Coach, very devoted father and just a generally kickback funny guy!