vRanger 7.0.2 is now available on Support

I'm happy to announce that vRanger 7.0.2 is now available. This is a patch release for 7.0 and customers are encouraged to upgrade if they are encountering any issues with 7.0.

Customers can download from Quest Support: https://support.quest.com/vranger/7.0.2


Here is a list of the updates. Please refer to the release notes for more detail:


  • Localized Help and Documentation
  • Shipping with VMware VDDK 5.5.1
  • The vRanger Virtual Appliance has been updated to version 7.0.6
  • Heartbleed SSL fix
  • Bug fixes, including: UI performance improvements, memory utilization improvements, resolved the false "host is not licensed issue", and more...





David Gugick

Product Management, vRanger

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David Gugick manages the LiteSpeed for SQL Server and vRanger product lines for Dell. David brings more than 20 years of management and technical experience in product and portfolio management, application...