What I learned at #SPC14 #fun

Many people travel to SharePoint tradeshows, never to know what goes on behind the scenes in the exhibit hall.  I thought post SPC was a good time to let some of the secrets out.

10. To get “Bonked” in Europe means something totally different than it does in the US 


As a marketer, you worry about this sort of thing.  You are careful with the words you choose - often "googling" to be sure you aren't saying something offensive.  And then, mid tradeshow, a fellow with a smart British accent rolls up to the booth wearing a wide smile.  With  a snort and a chuckle he tells something you wish you hadn't heard.  Many of us have these tradeshow moments.  Thinking quickly, you hand him a stack of these ribbons for him and his friends:








9.  The booths at the SPC are magically assembled…I walked the conference hall at 5:50 pm on Sunday evening, only 10 minutes before the doors were to open for the reception and there were boxes, fork lift trucks and messes everywhere.


Quest booth at 5:52 pm PST on Mar 2

Quest booth at 5:59 PST on Mar 2

Another marketing nightmare - you plan an extra 24 hours to get the booth assembled and...it's not!  Fortunately, our talented Events Manager, Keri Ibbitson, clicked her heels, said a Hail Mary and viola! Conference magic happened.

8.  What happens in Vegas is put all over facebook and twitter. Follow up on #spc14 or take a look at the Software SPC 14 conference album.

Here you see Keri getting into the action on stage!

7. Add Quest gals (ok a couple of guys too) to a quiet lounge atmosphere= instant dance party ensues (I think you had to be there -but I know many of you were …)

  <I had the perfect picture of my co-worker to put here, but she had pics of me on her phone too...we'll leave it at that...>

6. RT: Dancin on tables = 2500 steps #questspcwalk #SPC14.  Refer back to number 7!

5.   Something’s can’t be unseen:  

Oh my gosh there's a dude streaking in the #spc14 exhibition hall. Mark Rackley…eating bacon…in these gloves!


4. It takes over 90,000 steps to properly view SPC14 in Vegas!

Congratulations to the winners of our “Walk the Talk #dellspcwalk” contest!  We gave away 3 Fitbit prize packages to our contestants!                

3. We have the best host and co-host on the planet! I knew that ahead of time - I swear they get better every year.

2. Some people still DO use mouse pads! We completely ran out!


1.Quest knows how to draw a crowd….and we love you all!

I have never worked with more creative, energetic, focused and FUN people than I do right now.  Faces were sore from smiling, feet tired from standing, voices were horse from talking - but everyone worked hard to spread the word about Quest's SharePoint solutions until the last attendee left the exhibit hall.  

It was a great show but I'm glad to be home! Now for one last, shameless marketing plug:  Learn how Quest can help YOU Transform your SharePoint!!



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