Think your Office 365 Exchange Online data is automatically archived and protected? Think again. While Microsoft may host the infrastructure to support more than 135 million active Office 365 users, the company’s services don’t include comprehensive, long-term data protection or disaster recovery.

Ultimately, securing your Office 365 Exchange Online data is your own responsibility. Email is one of the most used applications today, and data loss due to human error, ransomware attacks and a range of IT disasters can impact your staff’s productivity, your customers and your business reputation. In addition, your organization most likely must comply with increasingly strict data security regulations — or face steep penalties.

Manual processes for managing, securing and storing data from your email systems won’t get you very far today, with so much information being generated daily. There’s just too much to keep track of, and the risk of human error is too great. But what if you had an automated solution for Office 365 Exchange Online protection that would back up your email to a safe storage location?

It’s not a pipe dream. Quest NetVault Backup offers this exact capability. This flexible and cost-effective solution ensures that your Office 365 Exchange Online data is protected and recoverable in the case of accidental deletion, malware, and manmade or natural disasters. And you can choose where to store your backups and how long to maintain them.

Simplify your data protection tasks and reduce overall security risks. NetVault Backup enables you to create flexible backup policies for various Office 365 Exchange Online recovery scenarios, including protection for individual, shared and resource mailboxes. In addition, NetVault Backup can perform full and incremental backups while data is online and accessible.

Check out this solution brief to learn more about using NetVault Backup with Office 365 Exchange Online:

  • Simplify enterprise data protection.
  • Accelerate backups and recovery.
  • Improve security and control.
  • Lower your total cost of ownership.

Want to check out NetVault Backup in your own environment? Download this free trial, or request a customized demo to get all your questions answered by Quest experts.

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