Quest®︎ QoreStor®︎ strategy, part 2: Long-term storage in cloud tiers

In part one of the Quest® QoreStor® data protection MSP blog series, we discussed storing your customers’ growing data profitably. In part two, we’ll cover how you can create new services from long-term storage.

Data retention for compliance

Many companies must comply with requirements to store data for several years. Whether for internal reasons or for industry regulations, they must retain data for three, five or seven years, or perhaps longer. That represents a new data protection opportunity for MSPs: long-term storage in cloud tiers.

In part one, we covered how you can expand your data protection offering to store your customers’ backup data for the short and medium term, when it is still likely that your customer will need the data restored. But when customer needs shift from recovering to compliance, it makes more sense to store data for the long term in very low-cost, “cold” cloud tiers. For that, you turn to storage options like Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Azure Blob, Azure Archive and Wasabi.

You’re already well-positioned to provide new services for long-term storage 

For MSPs with QoreStor, adding a long-term storage offering is the next logical step in expanding your data protection services because you can:

  • Proceed efficiently since you already have your customers’ data deduplicated, compressed and encrypted.
  • Make a simple pivot from holding the data in your data center to cloud tiers, with no need to rehydrate, decompress or decrypt the data you already have.
  • Use your existing QoreStor license to manage the move to the cloud as an off-premises extension of storage.
  • Pay cloud storage costs based on the data footprint, not on the amount of storage the data originally occupied on your customers’ premises. As QoreStor has already optimized the data, you get a cost-effective way to store customer data for the long run.

It’s the next level of data efficiency. The results are that your customers have long-term storage suitable for compliance and you have a new revenue stream from the data you are already storing.

MSPs enjoy other important advantages when they grow their business with QoreStor

Consumption-based licensing allows you to use QoreStor data protection with no upfront costs, no long-term contracts and no minimum commitments. You pay for only the amount of data that QoreStor handles.

As your customers’ storage needs fluctuate over time, so do your costs. The billing method you choose remains in place whether you are using QoreStor for primary backup storage or for cloud-tier storage. In other words, it is technology you are already paying for, and you are generating an entirely new stream of business from it.

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What’s next?

Our final blog in this series will focus on the benefits of using QoreStor with Veeam Backup & Replication.

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