Running an MSP Business Well Means Knowing How to Boost Profits from Data Protection Services

You’ve probably heard the old saying: “Running a business well means knowing how to make a profit.” Well, that couldn’t be truer for MSPs seeking to improve profitability on the data protection services they offer. Fortunately, the Quest Data Protection suite offers several ways to optimize resources, reduce storage requirements and costs, as well as simplify IT management. By fully taking advantage of these abilities, you’ll not only deliver better data protection services to your customers, you’ll also increase your own profit margins.

Deduplication and storage offers opportunities to yield more profits

Cleveland-based managed service provider (MSP) EDSI jumped on the opportunity to improve its profit margins via lowering its own storage expenses. EDSI had considered purchasing dedicated deduplication appliances for in-house use, then resell deduplication and storage services to customers. The problem: The cost barrier was too high, Jeff Manuszak, EDSI’s CTO said in a Quest MSP case study.

“Given our size and the size of our customers, we saw too much risk in making that investment and trying to charge it back through services,” Manuszak explained. But when EDSI tried Quest QoreStor cloud-connected data storage, deduplication and replication software, it allowed the organization to offer customers a virtual appliance, both in the cloud and on premises, while still managing its own storage costs.

“With the deduplication in QoreStor, we were achieving 5:1 space savings after only 30 days of use,” Manuszak added.

But deduplication is just the tip of the iceberg.

Optimize performance, increase profitability

Another area where MSPs can ramp up profits: Effective resource optimization. No IT environment, no matter how well tuned, is without its share of zombie VMs, excess storage or other under-utilized resources that can be re-allocated or retired.

With Foglight Evolve, you can identify and reclaim these under-used resources, and ensure the hardware investments you already made are being used as effectively as possible. By reducing your need to purchase new hardware that you may not necessarily need as the result of having eliminated wasted resources, the more profit margins your MSP business will yield.

Reduce management costs of monitoring your environment

MSPs come in all shapes and sizes, but one common issue many of them share is the challenges of managing a large, complex environment without automated monitoring tools. By simplifying data center management, you’ll be able to do more with less, which ultimately leads to a noticeable boost in the bottom line.

For example, Foglight Evolve helps you simplify monitoring by making sure you can see all your IT infrastructure and applications across the data center from a single location. Its unmatched visibility into the data center allows you to identify bottlenecks, predict future capacity and performance issues, and pinpoint abnormal resource behaviors. This end-to-everything visualization ensures that you and your IT team can spend less time monitoring and do more with less to increase profitability.

Multiple profitability routes

Altogether there are multiple ways to boost MSP profits in the data protection space. See more ways the Quest Data Protection Suite for MSPs can help you meet your profit goals.

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