Likely the reason your college or university implemented an ERP System(s) was to improve and reduce the cost of core business process such as managing CRM activities such as student prospecting, onboarding, registration, and retention.  Of course, ERP Systems are also great at automating processes for finance, HR, payroll, and supply chain.  Perhaps you remember a time when your college or university attempted to manage those functions in spreadsheets and/or stove-piped  applications.  If you never had that experience, well you’re fortunate.  Likely the only thing you missed was the occasional “Oh no!  I can’t believe someone just deleted …”

Modern ERP systems such as Oracle’s PeopleSoft and E-Business Suite are great examples of full featured ERP systems which automate the before mentioned processes.  They add significant value to your college or university, your student body, faculty, and staff.

Surprising, at least to me, are the number of higher education institutions which have no or limited automation when it comes to managing their ERP application(s) patching and changes.  You may not be one of them but if you are, what if you had a single solution that could automate all your manual ERP application patching and change management process?

What if you could?

  • Reduce the time and effort it takes to patch and apply file, schema, and configuration changes by an average of 75%
  • Reduce the time it takes to audit those changes by as much as 90% (and achieve better audit outcomes too!)
  • Recover changes in flight after an environment refresh in minutes instead of hours or even days
  • Improve staff productivity by an average of 35%
  • Reduce rework, aka break-fix, by 30%
  • Improve Service Level Agreement (SLA) attainment by as much as 40%

Well you can too with the right change management solution.  At least, that’s what our customers tell us.  You see, the bullet points above all came from our Stat for EBS and Stat for PeopleSoft customers.

Do yourself a favor and take the first step to creating value in managing your ERP application(s) by checking out our Stat solutions.  Stat is the only enterprise class patching and application change management solution that scales to manage multiple production environments whether on premise or in the cloud.

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