Quest® EMPOWER 2022 is fast approaching. We recently shared why you won’t want to miss day one, which will focus on data intelligence and data governance, and now we’ll talk about why you should attend day two.

Day two of Quest EMPOWER is all about data operations

If you’re ready to become truly data driven, day two will help you lay a solid foundation with best practices for data operations. We’ll explore how you can efficiently modernize data infrastructure, optimize system performance and deliver applications faster. You’ll see how to fuel data operations to further empower your business.

You’ll hear from renowned database experts and data veterans who will discuss everything from the data operations considerations that are essential to cloud migration, to the ways you can balance cloud spend versus application performance within complex hybrid cloud environments. You’ll get help identifying areas within your current data operations efforts that are ripe for improvement. Plus, you’ll learn about the next steps you can take to increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve data delivery and accessibility throughout your organization.

We’ve also got some great speakers for you

Who can you expect to hear from on two of Quest EMPOWER? None other than everyone’s favorite database experts: Microsoft Certified Master Brent Ozar and Pinal Dave, the creator of SQL Authority. If you’ve ever attended any of their webcasts, you know how fun their presentations are. And if this is your first time joining them, you’re sure to become a fan.

Get cloud migration tips from a Microsoft Certified Master

In his signature engaging style that makes any topic more interesting, Brent will show you how to migrate to the cloud with a roadmap for SQL Server databases. Like most companies, yours probably has many different SQL Servers with different versions, configurations and high availability choices. That makes it really tricky to translate all your servers into the right cloud requirements.

That’s where Brent can help. He’ll give you easy-to-follow guidance to determine the right approach for your company and the key questions to ask your stakeholders to achieve buy-in early on for the direction you’ll ultimately head. Another thing you’ll love about Brent is he’s not afraid to discuss the good, bad and ugly to ensure you have the information needed to put your team in the best possible position to succeed in your migration project.

Next up on the Quest EMPOWER virtual stage…

We’ll welcome Pinal Dave, who will show you how to achieve cost-effective SQL Server performance tuning in the cloud. Like any company, yours probably wants to see its applications run faster and its costs get lower. That puts a lot of pressure on DBAs and developers. You want more resources, so your queries won’t face performance bottlenecks, but CIOs/CTOs and IT managers are looking for opportunities to save money. And unlike on-premises infrastructure setup, every resource in the cloud has recurring expenses.

That’s where Pinal can help. He’ll show you how to tune your queries and servers to run highly efficiently with limited resources when deployed to the cloud. He’ll also show IT managers how they can get cost savings without compromising performance.

And we’ve got plenty more in store for day two of Quest EMPOWER

Additional sessions on data operations that will help you maximize the business value of your data include a session discussing database performance monitoring and an insightful presentation geared to data engineering led by Julie Hyman, Quest senior product manager.

Julie will explore how data proliferation has rapidly expanded and evolved the role of the data engineer. You’ll learn how the intersection of traditional data analysis and data warehousing is combining with the modern efficiencies of data pipeline management and data orchestration to help IT teams deliver faster to the business.

We can’t wait to see you at Quest EMPOWER, November 1-2, 2022

If you haven’t saved your spot yet, be sure to register today. Even if you’re not sure you can make it to the live sessions, you can get all the recordings to watch at your convenience, simply by signing up. Given that you can enjoy a wealth of Quest EMPOWER content from the comfort of your home or office – for free – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So, register now and get ready to gain the strategies you need to maximize the business impact of your data.

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