How Do I Clean Up the Disk Space on my Database without Disrupting the Users?

We all know that over time the tablespaces in our Oracle database(s) get fragmented.  Database and application performance can suffer from this fragmentation.

Fragmentation happens when your applications are inserting, updating and/or deleting data.  You know, doing what they were designed to do.  Users then start complaining about how “slow the system is”.

How do you fix this? 

Rebuild the tables to reduce the fragmentation and recover the freespace. However, rebuilding tables can take time, and needs to be scheduled, and the database taken offline to make sure everything happens cleanly. Right?

Wrong.  Use Space Manager with LiveReorg for this critical task.

With an easy to use GUI, charts, and graphs, Space Manager w/Live Reorg gives you the ability to see fragmentation that has happened and then you can choose if you need/want to rebuild only individual tables or indexes or the whole tablespace. 

Once you have determined what you want to reorganize you can simply right-click on the object name and choose ‘Reorg Manager’.  The Reorg Manager is a wizard interface that you use to set up the options for the rebuild job.  

The key piece here is the LiveReorg feature that allows you to schedule the job to run while the users are still accessing the database. No need to shutdown the database.  No need to kick the users off the system. This translates to ‘no down time’.  SLA’s are met.

Once the tables are rebuilt Space Manager will switch out the ‘new’ tables for the ‘old’ fragmented tables and you will get your db performance back and your users will be happy again.  The ‘switch’ can be scheduled for a time that is appropriate for your environment:  automatically upon job completion, upon user approval or at a particular date & time. 

If you schedule the switch for the future Space Manager will maintain the changes made to the ‘old’ table and move them to the ‘new’ table until the switch happens.  Again, this means you do not have to kick your users off the database to get your tables(s) rebuilt and the application performance back.

So by using Space Manager with LiveReorg you can keep up on your tablespace management tasks moving forward and not disrupt anyone that is using the database.

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