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It’s one thing for us to tell you KACE® by Quest® improves unified endpoint management; it’s quite another for KACE users to be so impressed with the solution that they take the time to write rave reviews on PeerSpot (formerly IT Central Station). PeerSpot highlighted many of those real-world success stories in their recent blog post, which you can read below.

Automating and streamlining unified endpoint management

The number of endpoints IT must manage grows daily. Rather than getting by with outdated methods and processes, those responsible for endpoints are far better off with a single unified endpoint management (UEM) solution. Such an offering is the KACE® Systems Management Appliance by Quest®, which reduces system management complexity and safeguards vulnerable endpoints. PeerSpot members who use the solution are discussing its comprehensive security, service desk and UEM features.

Patch management and endpoint security

The KACE Systems Management Appliance provides robust endpoint security, including automated patch management and deployment. Arlene S., a database administrator at a government office, appreciated how the solution has increased the security of their network. She said, “We can target any machine or any device that is connected to it and update security if there is a vulnerability that comes out, especially the day of a cyberattack. If we're notified by a vendor of vulnerabilities, we can push out an update within minutes.”

As a computer engineer at a university, Tim H. and his team use the patch management feature in KACE to look at the security of their systems. He explained, “Because of the research programs and the researchers who use these software systems and the computer, that is all secured for intrusion detections or interventions from criminals.”

“We have a better handle on knowing exactly where our computers are and who is logging into them,” said David O., an assistant unit head of IT systems support at a security firm. His team benefits from KACE in a variety of ways. He said, “We also have a better solution on what equipment is obsolete and needs to be replaced. We are also probably more compliant with upgrading our software or keeping our software patched so we have less vulnerabilities.”

Using KACE scripting and software distribution makes life easier for a systems administrator at a financial services firm. He offered an example, saying, “If, all of a sudden, Adobe has a vulnerability and we need to do a security patch, [KACE] makes it super-easy to do something like that, to update everything in our organization, all in one shot.”

KACE® Service Desk by Quest®

The financial services systems administrator reported that all 600 employees across his organization are successfully using KACE Service Desk, which improves a user’s experience with built-in, easy-to-use support, including intuitive self-help tools. He said, “Service Desk, first and foremost, is the reason that we went [with KACE].”

Tim W., a senior IT support technician at a transportation company, also believes KACE Service Desk is invaluable. He said it’s simple to use and that he saw a return on investment a long time ago, just in person-hours alone. “Being in IT, we have to have something to track what we're doing day in and day out, whether it’s a project or end-user support,” he said. “[KACE] helps us keep all that together in one place. Service Desk is what everybody in our department uses [KACE] for the most.”

Horacio R., who works in IT at a university, likes how asset management, inventory, reporting and service desk features work together, helping to streamline daily operations. He said, “When a user creates a ticket, he or she is in a continuous loop of communication via the service desk, user portal or email. We are now able to set tier levels and involve other areas within IT, networking, sysadmin, VOIP or managerial for approvals.”

Simplifying unified endpoint management

PeerSpot members are fulfilling their unified endpoint management needs using the intuitive workflow for maximum productivity that KACE provides. For example, David O. uses the solution to deploy software, push updates to the software and manage endpoints, desktops and laptop computers. He said, “We are currently managing over 4,000 endpoints. It definitely has made our endpoint management process much easier.”

Muhammad W., a senior project manager at a healthcare company with nearly 2,000 endpoints, said KACE is very easy to use compared to other endpoint management tools, like Microsoft SCCM, and other third-party tools. He stated, “Having KACE is a blessing for IT administrators for endpoint management. They can do a lot of work remotely, as well as troubleshooting, mass deployment and mass uninstallation. KACE is very intelligent and it has its own uninstaller.”

KACE unified endpoint management allows an educational organization’s IT team to run multiple processes in parallel, according to Christian S., their IT manager. He explained, “We have been able to assign a lot to many users at once. So, if somehow there is a critical error or a software is not working properly, then we mostly notice this on one user but can transfer the effect/result to all of them right away. That has worked very well because we don't have an internal environment to work with, which is why it is a good thing that we can achieve a lot and distribute it simultaneously.

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Want to read more reviews from KACE users? Check out PeerSpot now. Then, visit our unified endpoint management solutions page to see how we can help you discover, manage and secure your evolving hybrid workforce environment.

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