In 2018 they were the super bowl champions

In 2018 they were the World Series champions

In 2018 they were the UEFL champions

In 2018 SharePlex is the DBTA data replication champion!

SharePlex has been chosen the 2018 DBTA replication solution of the year by you, our valued customers! With your votes you have shown that SharePlex can meet your requirements for a solution that is easy to install and set up, is reliable and easy to maintain.

All of us, at Quest say THANK YOU!

SharePlex is to Data Replication as each of the champions above are to their respective fields -- the best of the best. SharePlex has been around longer than any other data replication tool out there today. SharePlex is easy to set up and use. You can actually get active replication up and running in under 15 minutes in most cases.

The Cubs had to be able to adapt and adjust to many different situations and the same goes for data replication. You have to be able to replicate to many different types of databases. SharePlex currently can use both Oracle and SQL Server as a source and can replicate to many different targets some of which include Oracle, SQL Server, EDB Postges, Teradata, Kafka queues and many others. SharePlex is also certified for cloud offerings such as AWS EC2 and RDS and Azure. SharePlex is the one solution with many use cases.

Just as Real Madrid had to be fast when it came to being able to score, SharePlex is equally as fast when it comes to moving your data from source to target. One of the advantages that SharePlex has that makes it so fast is our optimistic commit that is built into SharePlex. As the data is seen in the redo logs, we are already moving it to your target database. The advantage of this means that your data is already on your target server and in the case of an Oracle database, it’s already inserted. All SharePlex needs, is to see the commit and your data can be seen. We are not waiting for a commit before moving data or files or logs to the target destination.

In order for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl, they needed to have many different plays they could use to score a touchdown. SharePlex also has a book of plays that can be used. They are the use cases you see below. Everything from HA/DR to Centralization Reporting/Consolidation.


As great as each of these teams are, it takes a lot of people behind the scenes to make them successful. Just like these other champions, SharePlex has outstanding support. Our Support team is a six-time award winner of the Achievement in Customer Excellence. They have a > 75% Net promoter score and a 95% customer satisfaction rating. Not only are they available 24x7 but in such cases where it becomes needed our development team is also on call 24x7. In addition to our support there is our Professional Services Group. They are the behind the scenes support of SharePlex. They will go into your environment and set up SharePlex so that you will get peak performance and speed for your replication. They will also teach you how SharePlex works so that you can be self-sufficient and able to maintain your environment.  

To be a champion you need to have the best of a complete package from owner, players and support. With all this behind you, you will always be the winner. SharePlex, just like the champions above, is the best of the best when it comes to meeting the data replication needs from software to support to development.

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