DBAs are all kinds of awesome. We’re smart. Stylish. Capable of administering databases! Who else can say that? Yeah. Just DBAs. Our technical wizardry is second to none.

Because we’re awesome.

And guess what today is. It’s our day. That’s right. March 10 doesn’t just represent the seven-day countdown for ingesting so much green beer the sewers run emerald with the evidence of our Saint Patrick’s Day festivities. Though it is also that. And I recommend you start practicing now. See how much green dye number 14 your system can tolerate. You’ve got steins to drain soon and you better be ready. But nay. Today is not just about beer preparations. Today, is the international day of awesomeness… day.

How shall we celebrate this joyous occasion?

By becoming even more awesome…er. Our awesomerness is about to shoot off the charts. If you were to present our levels of awesomeness in a meeting, the line representing us would skyrocket higher than a SpaceX nuclear alien war missile. Why?

Because we’re adding a free trial of Foglight® to the mix.

Wait, whaaat?! Mm hm. We’re about to expand your powers of awesomeness from general DBA awesomeness to the far more impressive XY quadrant of the DBA awesomeness chart where you’ll see we have a DBA straddle-flying two Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles over an erupting volcano whilst pouring Sriracha sauce onto a delicious three-pound burrito. The speed. The heat. The multi-tasking prowess. You just don’t see that level of awesomeness every day.

Unless you’re looking at a DBA using Foglight on the international day of awesomeness.

Ready to unleash your full potential? Do this. Grab your free database monitoring trial. The one that’ll let you go beyond basic performance monitoring to quickly identify and resolve issues across your databases and virtual environments like the hot-sauce-wielding, magma-leaping, chopper-riding DBA of awesomeness you truly are. Looks like someone deserves a green practice beer. And that free trial we’ve been talking about. Cheers to you!

Free Trial of Awesomeness

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