“It’s not brain surgery.” “It’s not like we’re saving lives here.” Other DBAs and IT managers get the luxury of such comforting phrases on stressful workdays. But when you support the healthcare industry, there’s little room for comfort. When your databases go down, or even when performance slows, the stakes couldn’t be higher. From patient safety to appalling compliance fines, a lot is riding on your work.

But before your blood pressure rises, here’s heartening news.

You don’t have to go it alone. And, in fact, you shouldn’t. While it may feel safer to stick with point solutions and native tools, constantly switching around is inefficient. Plus, disparate tools fail to give you an overarching view of your entire environment’s health. But what if you could monitor and manage ALL your database platforms from one intuitive console?

That’s the secret to database high availability among top healthcare companies.

Curious how Express Scripts deals with ever-growing data? Wonder how Envision Healthcare gains insight into its 3,000 databases? What about those behemoth health insurers – want to know how they comply with insanely tight SLAs to avoid fines? They all proactively ensure cross-platform database performance the same way.

The database doctor is in!

These major healthcare institutions rely on Quest® database performance monitoring to achieve their goals. With Quest monitoring tools, they:

  • Comply with 10-second SLAs for inquiry response time.
  • Simplify and accelerate root-cause analysis through continuous recording and database playback.
  • Monitor massive amounts of data across diverse databases and locations.
  • Optimize infrastructure and strengthen disaster recovery.
  • Gain actionable insights and unprecedented database visibility.
  • Achieve optimal database performance based on advanced workload analytics.
  • Improve database performance across all platforms, including SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle enabled by continuous monitoring with one tool.
  • And much more

See how to easily improve database health and performance.

Discover the simplest ways to diagnose and cure all that ails your healthcare databases. With a powerful approach to monitoring and management, you’ll protect your customers, company and career.

Your Rx for Database Health

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