Before ARS 6.8, there was only one workflow type in ARS that run by operation request, when some start condition was fulfilled. For example, when new user is created, send notification to administrator.

We called this workflow type as change workflow. Cause it's necessary to perform some changes on AD objects to run this workflow. One more feature of this workflow type is ability to designate approvers and configure escalation.

ARS 6.8 has a new workflow type – automation workflow. This workflow can be used to perform some routine administrative tasks on a scheduled basis or on user demand.

It doesn't require neither any start condition fulfilled nor any changes on AD object to run. For example, every week run workflow to find all expired service accounts, deprovision them and send notification to administrator. Approval configuration is not applicable to this workflow type.

Now when you create new workflow, you should select which workflow type you are going to use:

The table below displays the major workflow features and gives the idea what features in what workflow type can be used:

Workflow featuresChange WorkflowAutomation Workflow
Operation request to run workflow + -
Approval and escalation configuration + -
Run on schedule - +
Run on demand - +
Restrict execution time - +
Run as options + +
Parameters + +

There are comparative pictures below for both workflow types:

Change workflowAutonmation workflow
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