Did you read our new customer case study press release sent out this morning? You can read the full press release here. But here’s the shortened version:


RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. They recently ripped out a third party’s SharePoint platform and recovery tool and replaced it with Recovery Manager for SharePoint. Here’s why:


  • This same solution had such a complex user interface that simple helpdesk requests were arduous and time-consuming.
  • This same third party solution’s platform and recovery tool was not compatible with SharePoint 2010 for the version that RAND owned. They would have to go through a costly third party platform upgrade.



So RAND turned to Quest Software and Recovery Manager for SharePoint. Here’s why:


  • Quest delivered a simplified, fast and reliable SharePoint backup and recovery solution with limited impact on time, resources and system performance.
  • The organization rolled out the Recovery Manager for SharePoint search interface to a broader support staff, allowing more people to perform restores without having to rely on DBAs and system managers.
  • Actual restore times went from 8-12 hours with the third party tool down to just 1-4 hours.
  • Plus, with world-class and award-winning ACE support, Quest Software could provide RAND Corporation with the high-quality customer service they were looking for.


Now the question isn’t so much about who this third party vendor was, as it is this: why didn’t RAND rip out their third party SharePoint platform and recovery tool much sooner when all they needed was one tool with free upgrades and ACE support for all their recovery needs from Quest Software? We’re not sure, but we and RAND are sure glad they switched!


Let’s give the last word to RAND on this one:


“While excellent product support was a key criteria for choosing a new SharePoint recovery solution, my interaction with Quest support thus far has been very minimal – which is a true testament to the product. Recovery Manager for SharePoint is a simple, streamlined solution.” - Adrian Salas, Sr. Systems Engineer - RAND Corporation

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