In earlier blogs, I’ve explained how important it is for systems management solutions to save educational institutions time and money and enhance student learning by keeping devices secure and available. But what about the systems management solutions themselves? With limited IT staff and budget, educational institutions need tools that are easy to deploy and use and that will continue to deliver value as the institution grows — without requiring increased headcount.

Florida’s Seminole County Public Schools, for example, was very concerned about ease of installation and maintenance when it began looking for a comprehensive systems management solution. Some vendors, the district found, proposed solutions that would have required IT staff to install, configure and maintain multiple servers. Moreover, some products had multiple components that needed to be integrated, making the solution much tougher to deploy district-wide. These choices were simply too complex and expensive to maintain, the district decided.

These sentiments are echoed by many other schools and colleges, including the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools (SBCSS) in California, which was looking for an integrated solution to replace the seven different products it was using to perform inventory, imaging and remote system management. To support 33 school districts across 22,000 square miles, SBCSS needed to be able to install images remotely and with as little manual work as possible, as well as identify and remove malware and unauthorized software when affected machines join the network. Ease of use and automation in systems management, the district knew, were critical to supporting its educational mission and growing digital curriculum.

More broadly, educational institutions also need the flexibility to implement systems management in a way that best fits their environment — physical, virtual or in the cloud. They also need a simple plug-and-play architecture that virtually eliminates installation and maintenance, along with support for a broad range of operating systems and applications.

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