I am pleased to let our customer community know that Foglight version 5.6.2 is released and generally available starting on Oct 26, 2011. This release continues to focus on our goal of simplifying Application Performance Monitoring. Along with some bug fixes, this release contains some notable new features. You will find a summary of those features below. You can also see a synopsis with illustrations of some of these new features at https://www.quest.com/.
Notable Features
Remote OS Monitoring
Now you can use remote OS monitoring rather than having to install an agent on your local monitored host. This new capability can significantly reduce Foglight installation time as there are no agents to install. Administration is simplified because of the reduction in the number of agents that require management.
New Dashboard Provides Centralized View of Enterprise Infrastructure Health
This new dashboard provides simplified management of your infrastructure and is especially beneficial for large monitored environments. It uses a new “tiled” format to quickly provide at-a-glance monitoring details for all your operating systems and hosts. In addition, you can associate a service in Foglight to groups of infrastructure components or OS domains.
Credential Management
New credential management capabilities now remove dependencies between Foglight Administrators and System Administrators. System administrators can create and store their private credentials in lockboxes that may not be opened by anyone but them. These lockboxes can be provided to Foglight administrators to allow them access to specific items under system administrator control without compromising the system administrator’s credentials. The benefits of credential management are:
• Reduced configuration time yielding faster time-to-value
• Less dependency on system administrators allowing Foglight administrators to complete their work faster
New Foglight Global Search Capability
A new “Google-like” search capability has been added on all Foglight dashboards. Now you can search for any monitored object or health topic across all Foglight. This new capability helps makes Foglight users more efficient by significantly reducing search activities.
New Export Data Tables
You can now define export tables in Foglight making monitoring data accessible by external reporting tools. This improved integration capability makes it easy to use other reporting tools like Business Objects or Crystal Reports to collect monitoring data for inclusion in business reporting activities. Access to the tables is through http/https.
Create, Run Or Manage Reports from Any Dashboard
Access to the reporting menu is now available from any Foglight dashboard making it simpler and faster to create and manage reports. Users can share created reports among those with the same role within Foglight.
New Business Extensions to the Foglight Management Server
The knowledge model within the FMS has been extended to allow assignment of business-relevant information like cost-center attributes, business unit associations, or configuration and application management metadata) within Foglight. This new capability can improve business reporting and integrations with other tools such as a CMDB.
Remote Monitoring for DB2 LUW
Remote monitoring provides an easier way to configure and deploy monitoring capabilities and it comes with a new DB2 LUW performance dashboard that looks and functions just like our other dashboards for DB performance monitoring. The remote agent supports partition/database and instance level information.
Customers on current support contracts for Foglight can get this new release at https://support.quest.com/.
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