Foglight™ for Storage Management (FSM) 2.5 is a new release, product and name. Formerly vFoglight Storage, FSM started out as a cartridge for vFoglight Pro and has evolved to a product that can operate stand-alone or work as a cartridge for Foglight™ for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition (new name for vFoglight Pro). Along with the new name and status as stand-alone product or cartridge, several new features have been added to this release. If you are a current vFoglight Storage customer, you can download this release, but will need to contact sales first in order to get a new license key. Unfortunately we had to change the license key format with this release. After you get your new license key you can move to the new release since this is considered an upgrade release and you will not lose any data from your previous installation


We GA’d Foglight for Storage Management 2.5 this week and it includes the following new features and enhancements

- New LUN latency metric across all storage platforms

- N-Port ID Virtualization, (NPIV), support

+ Support of this FC protocol extension that allows multiple virtual ports to connect through a single
physical FC port.

- Independent licensing

+ VM to spindle visibility that includes a “light” version of the VMware cartridge along with the
infrastructure cartridge

- Physical server support

+ Connect physical servers to storage: physical server -> FC Fabric -> Storage Port -> Storage Port -> LUN

- Trial license improvements

+ Trial countdown starts from the time the software is enabled vs. installed

+ Trial can be started from the new Foglight™ for Virtualization, Enterprise Edition getting started page


Screen Capture: New Physical View


Screen Capture: New NPIV Support



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