Energy Market Operator Counts on Quest for Availability and Performance


See how Robbie Cook, technical manager of databases at Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) uses SharePlex to support their two data centers.

SharePlex allows AEMO to maintain co-primary database availability with minimal replication latency across two data centers that are more than 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) apart. The systems must be highly available, and any system failure can have substantial financial implications. If our systems experience an outage of more than 20 minutes, we may be forced to suspend electricity trading in the spot market. Our database systems support electricity price calculations, general market data, power dispatch information, reporting, settlements and billing information for both internal and external users, and can be accessed by multiple applications at any time. They must be available 24x7 with no outages, not even for system maintenance. System upgrades and rollout of new software and hardware are performed regularly, but these changes increase the possibility of system disruptions, so we needed a solution that could replicate servers incrementally and provide rapid site failover if necessary.

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