Recently I was asked about the ability to view users' mailbox size.


Here is the list of steps that should be performed in order to get this functionality in ARS Admin site:


  • Connect to ARS console
  • Create new PoSh script module that contains user mailbox size calculation script (Configuration -> Script Modules)
  • Create new provisioning policy type based on this script (Configuration -> Server configuration -> Policy Types)

  • Create a new Virtual Attribute to store the mailbox size value (for User object Class, Directory String, store in Configuration DB)
  • Reconnect to ARS console
  • Restart IIS
  • Customize Web UI: add new entry for your Virtual Attribute on the web form
  • Create new provisioning policy based on new policy type for mailbox size calculation


  • In policy parameters specify virtual attribute name that was created to store user mailbox size

  • Apply the policy to domain or OUs
  • Connect to ARS Admin site
  • Open user properties


In my case, I added this entry to the Exchange properties - > Storage Limits tab

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