Trusted by more 82,000 customers around the world, Dell Data Protection solutions are flexible, easy to deploy and simple to manage. Announced today, we’re continuing the development of that portfolio by announcing the latest member of our DR family of dedupe appliances – the enterprise grade DR6000. If you’re one of the more than 30% of organizations who will change backup vendors by 2016, because of frustrations with cost, complexity and lack of capabilities you may wish to examine this new appliance.

Available in the first quarter of FY’15, the latest member of Dell’s DR family will give large customers a better way to address growing backup workloads, and enjoy significantly faster ingest performance speeds, using our unique Rapid Data Access (RDA) technology capabilities which are included at no additional cost with the appliance. Together with the DR4100 appliance (optimized for small to mid-size organizations), the DR 6000 provides end-to-end deduplication capabilities for any size business.


With starting raw capacities of up to 48 terabytes, and support for up to four expansion shelves, the DR6000 can scale up to 180 terabytes of usable capacity. The appliance includes our built-in deduplication and compression technology from Ocarina that lets customers achieve up to 15:1 data-reduction levels so they can store more data for a longer period in the same physical footprint.


The DR6000 also provides the industry’s first source-side deduplication for NFS and CIFS backup, through Dell's Rapid NFS and Rapid CIFS technology, for significantly faster backup speeds with no disruption to existing workflows. We've also enhanced replication and file-sharing capabilities by 100%, so you can simultaneously replicate data from up to 64 DR appliances to a single DR6000 system.


One other major announcement is the introduction of DR OS 3.0 which adds global management, called Global View to both the DR6000 and the DR4100. Global View lets customers view alerts and events for a network of up to 64 DR systems, manage capacity utilization and monitor replication processes, all from a single console.


To learn how the enterprise-grade DR6000 data protection appliance can help you overcome the challenges of today’s data centers, just visit

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