The SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit is regarded as the premier network for IT thought leaders, and one session in particular promises to revolutionize the way you think about your big data.


In the insight-packed session “Data Is the New Currency. Invest Wisely,” I will reveal how a big data maturity model will lead your organization down the ideal technology adoption path to solve your most pressing business challenges.

Data: your most valuable asset

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how you can drive your investment strategy to better support your organization’s most important asset and thrive in today’s big data economy.

It starts with a self-assessment of where you are on your big data maturity journey, followed by identifying which critical business problems you need to solve to maximize business value.

Looking at the big data landscape

I will also share insights from a recent global study of several thousand IT and business decision makers that highlights big data concerns, perceptions and uncertainties.

The session will wrap up with several real-world examples of how organizations have empowered the right people with all data to make the right decisions.

Speaking session: “Data Is the New Currency. Invest Wisely”

If you haven’t already, be sure to reserve your place at the SIM Boston Technology Leadership Summit ― and get your front row seat at the discussion that’ll empower you to build the right big data investment strategy for your organization. 

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