You know the formula for a successful migration: assess, migrate, coexist, manage. It’s like a drumbeat banging in your head all migration long. But what many customers considering a migration to Office 365 don’t consider is that part of the assessment phase includes a thorough planning and restructuring of Active Directory. As if the decision to move to Office 365 wasn’t difficult enough, now you have to worry about AD, too? Really? You shouldn’t be surprised. After all, even an on-premises Exchange migration requires some changes!


Because Office 365 is implemented in a single forest environment, many organizations will need to consolidate their AD accordingly. Collapsing multiple forests into one? There are so many potential risks with that. What’s your plan to mitigate those risks? How are you reporting on domain controllers, DNS servers, DFS servers and resources, and desktops so that they are migrated from one environment to the other? What about the re-ACLing process?


Lost collaboration among employees, lost business, you’re heard the risks. What’s the solution? Take a best practices approach to AD consolidations. Here’s a best practices white paper for AD migrations from Quest.


Learn from those who have gone before you and get your AD ready for the cloud with less risk to the business and less risk to your job!

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