The K2000 Appliance’s Preinstallation Task “Scan User State Offline” captures offline User Profiles using the Microsoft USMT software version 4.0 to the K2000 appliance. User Profiles can be unpredictably large and cannot be captured using Scan User State Offline when deploying from a Remote Site Appliance (RSA). However, you can write your own task that captures profiles during a deployment to an external share. And use this task in deployments initiated from either the K2000 or an RSA.

The following is a basic BATCH sample provided by K2000 Support Technician Gerald Mack. The script captures all profiles into a single MIG, assumes that the target system has one partition, and uses the USMT software that was uploaded to the K2000:


@echo off
 net use S: \\sharename\folder /user:domain\user password
 xcopy y:\applications\4\usmt4\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% C:\USMT\%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% /s /q /y
 scanstate S:\%MAC_ADDRESS% /offlinewindir:c:\windows /all /i:migapp.xml /i:miguser.xml /o /progress:S:\%MAC_ADDRESS%\proglog.txt /v:13 /l:S:\%MAC_ADDRESS%\scanlog.txt

A variant of this might also be useful for capturing with the primary appliance for using profiles with the K1000 or storing profiles for other use cases. Don’t forget– ITNinja can be a great resource for solutions and community assistance!

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