We are lucky enough to work with a number of extremely talented and passionate people. Some of our coworkers have been here for a number of years and have some great stories to tell. We wanted to use this interview as an introduction to one such individual – Danny Torres. 

How did you originally become interested in technology?

I remember all the way back to Kindergarten. NASA had successfully completed the Mercury rocket phase (one-manned) and was starting the Gemini rocket project (two-manned). For my friends and I, these astronauts were our rock stars and I wanted to be one. I would read and watch anything technological in getting “a man on the moon”. After seeing that mission completed, I have been technologically curious ever since.

What products have you supported over the years?

All of the Toad family products and STAT.

Tell me a story that has happened over your years being in support.

It is always a sense of amusement to me when I call a customer and the problem is no longer happening for the user. The problem just “automagically” disappears for some unknown explanation.  Some insistent users want to know what I did to “fix” it (in this first scenario, which amuses me the most when I did nothing. I simply called the user!); while others are embarrassed and apologetic for wasting my time. In either case, I am happy to inform the user that it was not a problem. We are usually having a good laugh at the end of the call, assuring them they can always contact me should the problem reappear.

Any hobbies?

One of my many hobbies, since I was ten, has been producing films and videos.  In 1980, our first claim to fame was coming in second place in a film festival. It is a very weird sensation seeing your head projected 25-feet high on a movie screen.

What is your super power?

Stacking and organizing items in compartments, (kind of like a real life version of Tetris). I can make the most of a moving van’s payload (or bagging groceries).

It is not a major super power, but it is appreciated when doing a move for friends.

Danny's Technical Side

We've also been fortunate enough to have a number of valuable, and technical, posts written by Danny. Check out his community profile to see a list of all posts he has authored. 

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed reading about Danny as much as we enjoy working with him. 

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