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I wanted to highlight David Davis and my session called Mythbusting Goes Virtual. I did this presentation 2011 with Eric Sloof and it was very popular since it was funny, different and educational.

The entire content is brand new so add it to your schedule before it´s sold out [:)]. We are also open for submission of myths that can be added to this presentation or an upcoming version. Please leave your myth in the comments section below.


VSVC5353 - Mythbusting Goes Virtual (Monday, Aug 26, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM)

Some things never change, or do they? vSphere is getting new and improved features with every release. These features change the characteristics and performance of the virtual machines. If you are not up to speed, you will probably manage your environment based on old and inaccurate information. The Mythbusting team has collected a series of interesting hot topics that we have seen widely discussed in virtualization communities, on blogs and on Twitter. We’ve put these topics to the test in our lab to determine if they are a myth or not.


David Davis - Author, Blogger, Speaker,

Mattias Sundling - Evangelist, Quest


Other Dell sessions:


STO5448 - Dell Solutions for VMware Virtual SAN (Monday, Aug 26, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM)

In this session, we will present a high-level overview of how Dell and VMware are partnering together to bring the most optimized hardware, software, and systems management together for deploying and managing VMware Virtual SAN on Dell PowerEdge Servers.


Bryan Martin - Senior Product Manager, Dell

Sheetal Kochavara - Sr Product Manager Storage Virtualization, VMware


VAPP6124 - Automating VMware Cloud and Virtualization Deployments with Dell Active Infrastructure (Monday, Aug 26, 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM)

Whether it’s deploying a VMware vSphere based virtualization farm, or an automated private cloud with vCloud, there are weeks or even months spent on designing, architecting and deploying the environment.. Today, in most data centers the processes required to configure server, storage, networking, and software are often manual, time consuming and prone to human errors. Dell’s vision of the next generation data center is around enabling an IT-service centric, automated data center through Dell Active Infrastructure. With pre-integrated converged solutions optimized for VMware vSphere environments, and an embedded converged management platform that allows template based automation and orchestration of physical and application infrastructure, Dell & VMware are enabling customers to accelerate time to value, increase efficiency and improve quality. In this session, you will learn how Dell has designed an optimized VMware stack for virtualization and private cloud, and how Active System Manager is integrated with VMware to automate the design, deployment and management of virtualization and private cloud environments. The session will also include a demonstration of how Active System Manager can automate provisioning and configuration of VMware environments.


Aaron Prince - Technical Marketing, Dell

Ganesh Padmanabhan - Director, Product Marketing, Dell, Inc


EUC5870 - Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company Enhances Customer Experience with VMware View and Dell (Monday, Aug 26, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM)

Cayse, NC-based Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company (CFBIC) moved to a desktop virtualization environment based on VMware View 5.0 and Dell Wyse P25 zero clients to better serve the needs of distributed network of agents across a number of states. Facing issues such as network latency, application compatibility and security that affected customer service and which caused frustrated agents to lose business to online players, CFBIC needed to upgrade its IT infrastructure to allow employees to be able to securely access mission critical applications in a fraction of the time and provide accurate policy information and process claims.


Dave Rubetti - Infrastructure Architect, Carolina Farm Bureau Insurance Company


And as always, please stop by our booth for exciting demos, see you all at VMworld!

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