Those of you paying attention to Vizioncore mentions in the press over the last few months won't be surprised to learn that there is a new version of vRanger Pro coming soon. I will be at InterOp in Las Vegas next week to preview the new feature content, including Active Block Management (ABM) and Change Block Tracking (CBT) features. Vizioncore will be in the VMware partner pavillion. Stop by, introduce yourself, chat me up - and we'll take a look at the product together.

ABM, a patent-pending feature from Vizioncore, is new for vRanger backup but not new from Vizioncore. We've had ABM and CBT in our vReplicator product for some time. The combination offers dramatic performance improvements in image-handling by avoiding inactive, unchanged, and empty blocks in images. Stay tuned for more information on exactly what this means for backup and recovery performance. We've had 100+ customers active in our beta program since early April, and the results that they have been getting are dramatic. We're not quite ready to release those figures yet, but we will next week!

Meantime, here are some comments that our beta testers made this week to give you a flavor of what to expect:

•“We think that the new vRanger version gives us back the opportunities for vRanger against [others].”

•“Much better and more stable than previous releases.”

•“Ease of use: excellent.”

•Upgrade from 4.2 very smooth and with no changes backups are still 100% successful… very nice to have this happen.”

•“This is the best version ever!”

•“Very stable, with some nice new features.”

•“The beta forum is great, it is very useful, specially if Vizioncore staff responds quick there (which is the fact).”

•“Much better performance. Very stable.”

•“So far it seems pretty focused of making a backup. But I am very pleased to find out that the FLR is very quick. Also restoring a server is very quick.”

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